This blog is about knowledge management, company culture and many other things related to how organization can better use the knowledge they possess

We want to help any organization to become a master of its knowledge.

Managing resources, knowledge, information, ... is usually not something very well done in most organization. But with the lockdowns in the world in 2020 and with more companies every day adopting remote work, a lot of people are discovering that writing down knowledge and information can improve organization' efficiency.

Getting knowledge management right is complex. Organizations as a whole need to adopt new practices, process and tools to collaborate efficiently. Most content about knowledge management on the web are old and not adopted to current companies way of working. Today a lot of organizations use new tools like Notion, Coda, Confluence ...

This blog aims to fill that gap, we really want to help organizations making good decisions, things like: how to structure your internal knowledge base, how to adapt your terminology when people use different words, what are the best knowledge management tools, which kind of documentation you should create, do we need to empower anyone to contribute to new piece of documentation, how to make people collaborate in between teams.

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